¿what is Yoga?

Yoga is a philosophy of knowledge and practice that seeks to unify the body and mind. Its aim is to create inner peace, mental clarity, health and spiritual growth. To achieve this the practice of Yoga combines meditation, breath control (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas), energy locks (bhandas), hand positions (mudras).

benefits of Yoga

The practice of Yoga quickly builds strength and muscle tone, improves cardio and increases flexibility. The ancient system of internal and external purification has been proven to reduce stress, detoxify the body, improve sleep and strengthen the immune system.

Yoga, a lifestyle

The yogic lifestyle will assist in your personal growth, helping you to discover the hidden potential of your body and mind. It will improve your self-image and your self-esteem. Increase your concentration, determination, patience and compassion.

Yoga teacher trainning course in India (YTTC)
basic course details

From September 19 to October 13 – 2016 (1st EDITION – CLOSED)

From February 13 to March 05 – 2017 (2nd EDITION – OPENED)

Gurukul Kangri University of Haridwar (India)

Limit of attendees: 25 people

Different prices by type of accommodation

All the teachers are Yoga Acharyas

Course languages: english, spanish, french and portuguese

Accommodation at Ganges Rivera Hotel (3*)

International Certificate issued by the University


Yoga Guruvir school

At Guruvir School of Yoga you can practice a beautiful and a holistic approach to yoga. So you can take the principles and energy of the class and apply them to your outside life. Beyond physical flexibility we gain a mindset that is calm and fluid. That can transform emotional reactionary behavior to a place of balance. The strength that we put into our practice in turn becomes the strength we use to better ourselves and contribute to the world.

A timetable that suites you
There is an old saying “ … a gram of practice is worth a ton of theory“. Because we know the importance of consistency in your yoga practice. Time is not an obstacle in attending our school. Our school is open from 6:30 to 22:00, Monday to Friday.

Training in Spain – Yoga Teach Training in Spain
Offering the opportunity to become a fully qualified teacher that is recognized by the World Yoga Alliance. GuruVir has founded his school on the ideas of the east and runs it with the same enthusiasm and dedication you can find in India but has adapted the training to better sever the modern Spanish lifestyle.

Training in India – Yoga Teacher Training
For those looking for a career outside the normal 9-5 shift. Teaching yoga offers you a flexible lifestyle and rewarding work. Directed by GuruVir Singh who has spent the past seven years traveling India and perfecting his technique. His simple and loving way, his relationship with life, experience and dedication to Yoga, will help you build a strong foundation for your practice.
Assisted by entire department of Yogic Science at University of Kanya Gurukul (In Haridwar, India) and other specialists in the fields of health and humanity, who will accompany you over the course of your 30 day study. During the training you will receive direct teachings from a great yogic lineage that dates back to before the time of Christ. The curriculum is delivered by the same university scholars that are instructing the next generation young Indian yogi’s. All are the best in the fields and have come together for the first time to offer these amazing teaching to people from the west.

Conscious Yoga – Our philosophy
Through the practice of Conscious Yoga we can better understand the cycle of life and our place in it, helping us live more in the present moment. Yoga doesn’t just happen on the mat. Quite the opposite. We practice yoga with the intention to bring it into our everyday lives. Anyone can be calm with their eyes closed in a dark quiet room. Or push themselves when a teaching is urging them on. At yoga GuruVir we take our practice not as a pass time but a way of life. The real yoga begins when you step off the mat.

Organic Yoga – Holistic Yoga
Yoga will transform your whole body from the inside out. Muscles, joints, organs, glands, the entire physical body will be cleansed. This is literally the work of re-building yourself. Strengthening the internal organs, reoxygenating the blood, releasing accumulated toxins and negative emotions that are stored in the body while at the same time fostering a sense of peace in the heart and greater balance in the mind. Yoga is very personal practice for everyone, but for all it is a challenge. It encourages us push ourselves further. We face physical resistance and at the same time learn to manage the mental and emotional resistance behind it. Hatha Yoga integrates Asana, Pranayama and meditation to bring profound results both sublet and physical to all areas of the practitioners life.

We adapt Yoga – Yoga: your own path
We love Yoga. And like love it is unique to each and every person. We adapt the Yoga practice to serve the person. Not the other way around. No matter what physical condition your body is in with discipline and quite determination all things are possible for you. But you have to take the first step. Designing each students practice in accordance with what their heart, mind and body allows our students to find a personalized sense of meaning in yoga by following their own unique rhythm. We must hold too the principles of yoga. Union, compassion and self discipline but brake down these broad concepts so we might apply them to our everyday lives.


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Agochar Kaur

training at GuruVir Yoga School

for those who wish to dedicate themselves professionally to the teaching of Yoga

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Mª José AlmiraProfesora de Yoga

Transformación, ese es el cambio que se ha producido en mí desde que entró el Yoga a mi vida. Pensaba que practicar deporte era una forma sana de mantenerme bien físicamente. A pesar de ello, la insatisfacción estaba instalada en mi interior. En la Escuela de Yoga GuruVir, con Vicente, mi profesor, he iniciado un camino de consciencia hacia el equilibrio y la estabilidad. Sorprendida por la potencia física que se requiere en la práctica del Yoga y por cómo he ido mejorando de una forma progresiva, con la práctica del Yoga llegó también la calma mental.

Rosa ChinerProfesora de Yoga

Si tuviera que definir al que ha sido (y es) mi profesor de Yoga y maestro espiritual durante estos casi 6 años, diría que es una persona muy disciplinada y constante para con su práctica, y eso se nota a la hora de transmitir el mismo rigor y pulcritud en cada una de sus clases. Buen orador y comunicador. Y lo más importante: sabe transmitirlo desde el corazón. Dos premisas básicas para ser un buen profesor.

Ben PitiaPhotographer

After studying under the guidance of GuruVir. My understanding and appreciation of yoga has been greatly deepened. As an instructor he has the rare ability to be both very clear and very pricise. Always reminding his students that they should not just get lost in the practice that yoga is about bringing this sense of peace, determination for perfection into all areas of their life. GuruVir is a passionate man and teaches with the joy a child and wisdom of someone who has been practicing yoga since his childhood.

Tina FernándezAlumna de Yoga

El Yoga no es  sólo posiciones del cuerpo: es mente, inspiración, amor, compasión y es el sentimiento de pensar que cada día podemos ser mejores con nosotros mismos. Este es el mensaje que Vicente, nuestro maestro de la Escuela GuruVir, nos transmite a diario en nuestra práctica. Con estas palabras me inspiro, crezco y veo la vida de otra manera. Gracias por invitarme a descubrir, por darme ánimos y mostrarme un camino lleno de serenidad! Love always.


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